Circular 2017

Dear Parents,

The last day of Gujarati classes will be 7th October 2017.

  1. The Parents of Pr. 1 and Pr. 2 are requested to come to school to obtain the Performance Report and view your child’s Examination Scripts.
  2. Gujarati Classes will resume in 2018 on Saturday, 7th January 2019 at Haig Girls’ School from 8.30am to 30pm.
  3. If you have children or friends who wish to enroll in Gujarati School in 2018, we will be accepting as follows:
    • KG1 – children born in 2013
    • KG2 – children born in 2012
    • 1 – children born in 2011
  4. The Gujarati School is revising the fee structure after almost 15 Effective 2018 the school fees will be as follows:

Fees for KG1 to ‘A’ Level

Six Months Twelve Months
Supplementary Fees: $ 50.00 Supplementary Fees: $ 50.00
School Fees: $ 180.00 School Fees: $ 360.00
($30.00 per month) ($30.00 per month)
Total $ 230.00 Total $ 410.00

Please note that these do not include the Examination Fees for SA1 & 2, which we collect on behalf of BTTSAL. The Examination Fees are only for P1 to ‘A’ Level.

The vision of Gujarati School is Gujarati education for all and thus we do not wish to deprive any child from studying Gujarati. Parents who are unable to pay the School Fees or wish to pay on a quarterly basis are requested to contact Mr. Vinayak (9626 0274) or any School Official. All discussions will be treated with strict confidentiality.

  1. Update Form

It there has been any change in your address or citizenship status, kindly visit and download the Update Form under admission. Kindly submit same with the relevant documents if there has been a change in status.

  1. Approval Form (Form 3 – NTIL)

Parents of children, who are taking Gujarati as a 2nd Language, would have filled the above form when registering your child to English Schools for Primary One. You will receive a confirmation letter that your child is approved to take Gujarati from MOE. Kindly let us have a photocopy of that letter.


Thanking you

Singapore Gujarati School Limited

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