On 24th September 1947, a meeting was held with an agenda to start a Gujarati School. The meeting was held at 79 Waterloo Street. Thirteen firm’s representatives were present.

They elected:

  1. Mr. Ratilal Narechania (President)
  2. Mr. Govindjibhai (Vice President)
  3. Mr. Kantilal Shah (Mr. Chimanlal Maniar Joint Secretary)
  4. Mr. Dahyabhai Patel (Treasurer)
  5. Mr. Harikrishna Batheka (Supervisor)

They were requested to raise funds for the school and to arrange opening of the Gujarati School on Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October, 1947. The classes would be conducted at 79 Waterloo Street. The opening ceremony was officiated by Mr. R. Jumabhoy.

Subsequently the School committee and Advisory Committee thought of buying a property for the School. In 1950 the school fund was $33,000.00, due to the generosity of Mr. Uttamram Ghelabhai. Subsequently No. 23, 25 & 27 Race Course Lane were purchased at a cost of $29,000.00 and the school started functioning from here.

As the school attendance was poor, the school bus service was stopped and subsequently on 1st August 1954 the committee decided to close the school.

The absence of Gujarati School was very badly felt. So the School Committee restarted the school on 8th December 1958 at 79 Waterloo Street. Mrs. Katijaben Poonawala was engaged as the teacher. Attendance was about 20 pupils and during school vacation the attendance was about 70 pupils.

As of 1st November 1960 no fees were taken and a new teacher Mrs. Barolia was appointed. As many Gujarati’s were leaving in the east of Singapore and requested by the Gujarati Mandal, there was a need for a 2nd school. Thus on 1st May 1962 a 2nd school was started at Lorong 40 Geylang. After three year this center was closed due to poor attendance on 1st March 1965.

On 28th September 1968 the properties at Race Course Lane were sold. On 27th January 1969, No. 2 Goodman Road was purchased for the school.

The School was transferred from 79 Waterloo Street to No. 2 Goodman Road on 1st October 1969. School times were from 8.30am to 11.30am and 3.00pm to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

The education at the new premises was free and regular attendance was about 30 students with the numbers rising to about 110 during the school vacation.

Mrs. Barolia who had joined our school in 1960, after 18 years of valued and dedicated service, she requested that she be allowed to retire due to age. She left the school on 31st July 1979.

Teachers at No. 2 Goodman Road

  1. Mrs. Barolia (1960 to 31st July 1979)
  2. Mrs. Rekhaben Satishbhai Patel (6th August 1979 to 31st July 1983)
  3. Mrs. Nilaben M. Parikh (1st July 1983 to 30th Sept. 1986)
  4. Mrs. Pravina M. Desai (1st October 1986)

The School was registered by the Ministry of Education on 19th January 1960, as per Certificate of Registration No. 132. The address was stated at that time as 79 Waterloo Street, when it moved to No. 2 Goodman Road the Ministry endorsed the new address on their certificate on 18th September 1974 as No. 2 Goodman Road.